Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Scooter Girl

The adventures of Scooter Girl.  Two small for a bike, too big for a trike she takes to the street on her scooter.  She works hard to keep up with her two heros who ride at the speed of light down the street on their bikes.  It is a seemingly daunting task, but not for my scooter girl. No,  she's tough, and powered  by the "gotta keep up" drive that all younger siblings seem to inherit.  
One day, scooter girl will catch up, but for now, she'll just keep scooting on to her next big adventure.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Lost In The Corn Maze

We did our annual pumpkin farm tour this year.  It was fun, that is, until the corn maze.

It was like any normal year, my husband suggested, "Hey, let's do the corn maze."  The whole family erupted in cheers to the suggestions and away we went.

Truth be told, I get alittle nervous in these things, but there is no way I'd let the kids know.  Honestly, I doubt anyone would notice my nerves because by this point they were annoyed with my overzealous use of the camera.

Anyhow, so here we go entering the maze,

Here's me...because no one ever takes my picture

Oh crap, where did everyone go?
 The fear sets in....

Oh, there they are!

Not sure which is worse, that I took these pictures or that my family had no idea that I did.